Apply to the Camelback Fellowship

The application for the 2020 cycle has closed; we are currently reviewing applications.

The deadline was September 16, 2019 at 6pm Central Time. We’ve included information below to help candidates stay in the loop as well as introduce future candidates to the process.

For more information about the application and process, please carefully review the information included on this page. All the information you need is here; sign up for our candidate newsletter to get up-to-date information and to learn about future opportunities.

updates from the 2020 cycle




Camelback Application 101

The Application Kit features Round 1 and Round 2 of the Camelback application in text format, the breakdown of the timeline and application process, YouTube uploading tutorials, and instructions on how to register.

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We believe in continuous evolution; we always want to get better. With our all-star team on board this year, our new programs analyzing systemic funding, and examining equity in our processes; we have created an overhaul of both our program and our selection process. The Camelback Fellowship has been split into three tracks: 1) Education, 2) Conscious Tech, and 3) Local Economies (New Orleans). As a result, this process may look a little different than what you or your network has seen before from us. We want to be transparent as possible; this page will continuously be updated with new information. We also recommend that you sign up for our special recruitment newsletter to get all the best updates.



who is eligible for the camelback fellowship?

Underrepresented entrepreneurs, primarily people of color and women. This includes but is not limited to entrepreneurs identifying as Black, Latinx, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Native, and/or Indigenous.

  • Based in the U.S.A. We believe our founders make the most impact by staying in their communities — our program does not require you to move anywhere.
    We unfortunately cannot support international ventures; please see our FAQ for more information.

  • We are accepting organizations within three tracks (see our Fellowship page for more information): 1) Education, 2) Conscious Tech, and 3) Local Economies. Our mission is to create great schools and livable communities for all, and we believe these three focus areas paired with the efficiency and effectiveness of entrepreneurship will help us get there within one generation. (Down the road, we’d love to support more focus areas, but this is where we’re starting!) 

    • This year, we are seeking: 

      • Education

        • 4-6 education-related organizations that may be nonprofits, for-profits, or hybrids 

        • 2 - 3 public charter schools in their founding year (likely pre-charter application), may be based anywhere and have a fiscal sponsor 

      • Conscious Tech

        • 4 - 5 socially responsible tech orgs (may be nonprofits, for-profits, or hybrids) that are creating innovative solutions, may be based anywhere in the U.S. 

      • Local Economies: 8-10 social and local enterprises (such as, but not limited to, product development and sales, brick and mortar shops, consulting and other services) based in New Orleans that have been in operation for 2-5 years, and have a growing number of employees. 

Wonder if it’s a good time to apply?



What is the timeline and process for applying?

The application process is entirely online and consists of three rounds. Please keep in mind that dates here are always subject to change. We will always announce date changes and other need-to-know information in emails to candidates (make sure to sign up for our newsletter on this page).

  • ROUND 1 - Round 1 opened in mid August 2019, and will close on September 16, 2019 at 6pm central.
    Candidates will submit organization basics (including submitting a video pitching your org to us!), details about yourself (a founder is just as important to us as the organization!), and the impact you aim to have with your organization.  We’ve purposefully kept this round as short as possible - we want to make sure you’re at the the right stage, right time, and the right track before investing significant time in the process. This round has been designed to include different modalities and respect different styles of communication to make sure all candidates are able to put their best foot forward with Camelback during the application process.

    If candidates are accepted, they move onto…

  • ROUND 2 - Round 2 will be made available to accepted Semi-Finalists by September 28, 2019, and will be due on October 14, 2019. Round 2 contains written short and long answers with straightforward questions about your entrepreneurial journey and your venture that will be submitted via video. In this round, we’re seeking to really understand your business & its unique value  (e.g., your market, your industry, your competitors, etc.) and whether you have the mindsets necessary to have success in the Fellowship.

    If candidates are accepted after this round, they are deemed Finalists and move onto…

  • ROUND 3 - Round 3 will run through all of November 11, 2019 to November 27, 2019.. The primary activity in Round 3 is the one-on-one interview between the Finalist (to be scheduled between November 11 to November 27*) and a selection team. In addition, outreach may be conducted by Camelback staff to further understand the organization’s impact and business model by soliciting input from the end users of the venture (e.g., customers, users, community members, etc) and/or reference calls to those who intimately understand the mindsets and experiences of the founder. (All these names will be collected as part of the application in Round 2.)  As a team, we evaluate every applicant and application thoroughly in order to determine our 2020 Fellows.

    *Finalists based in New Orleans applying to the Local Economies track will likely be interviewed in-person (tentative date to hold: November 16).

    If candidates are accepted after this round, they will be given an offer to join the Camelback Fellowship. If they accept their offer, they are Camelback Fellows. This announcement will be made no later than December 17, 2019. 

    > For more information on our timeline and process, click here.



What is it like to be a Camelback Fellow?

We feel that our Fellows tell it best. Below is a video and blog posts from Camelback Fellows.






what does the fellowship program actually include? 

The Camelback Fellowship offers support for entrepreneurs of color and women in three different tracks (Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies) through:

  • Coaching - 1:1 relationship with a coach who creates a road map specifically focused to help you reach established goals

  • Capital - Camelback invests in each organization we support, and tailors funding levels for the different stages of acceptance for each track. Education and Conscious Tech ventures are in a “startup” phase and receive up to $40,000 in our “friends and family” round. For-profits and hybrids receive as a convertible note; nonprofits and schools receive as grants. Organizations in Local Economies are growing local businesses, and may receive up to $3,000 as an angel gift and additional in-kind services.

  • Connections -  meetings with investors, potential partners and customers, and content experts

  • Community - tight-knit experience through the entire cohort and within tracks, as well as extended Camelback family (including past and present Fellows and Startup Coaches, as well as friends who can’t wait to support new Fellows)

  • Curriculum - an intense program we’ve created to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs. This curriculum is tailored for each sub-track that we focus on (Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies)

The experience is delivered in two separate paths for our different program tracks, refined based on the needs of the unique groups and curriculum needs:

  • For Education and Conscious Tech Fellows, this experience is delivered through three mandatory Summits:

    • Summit 1 January 27 - January 31

    • Summit 2:  April 20-24

    • Summit 3: June 22-26

    • Locations TBD.  In the past, we’ve visited New Orleans, Oakland, and New York City.  

  • For Local Economies Fellows in New Orleans, this experience is delivered through weekly gatherings (Tuesday and Thursdays no earlier than 5:30pm and no later than 8:30pm, in April, May, and June 2020) for three months straight.   A specific calendar will be shared with Fellows ahead of the requirement of their formal acceptance in the program (to ensure all dates and times can be attended).



Do you have any advice or resources to help me make a strong application? 

  1. View our webinar recording — scroll down!

  2. Thoroughly read our application kit. We put this together to empower YOU to do your best. This kit will include all of the information you see here and additional FAQs. Our Fellows tell us every year how helpful our application was to them -- this application is essentially the basics for a business plan.

  3. Try taking our eligibility quiz to help you decide if you’re at a good stage to apply for the Fellowship.

  4. Sign up for office hours during Round 1 (August 12- September 16) and Round 2 (September 28th - October 14th.) Camelback Team Members will be on deck to answer questions regarding the application. Office hours will be made available on every Wednesday & Friday of the application process in 15 minute intervals. Sign up here. If the available window does not work for your schedule, please email apply@camelbackventures.org for additional times. These office hours are meant to answer specific questions about our application. NOTE: If you would like to evaluate your venture’s fit for the Fellowship, please complete our eligibility quiz (see #3 on this list).

  5. Get to know Camelback. Our blog is the easiest way to get to get a sense of what we’re about. We feature Fellows in short interviews to share advice and experiences, and our team and coaches write thought pieces on topics that matter to us. 




Yes, we had one on August 19, 2019 and recorded it! You can also look at the deck without narration.